My name is Maria Librizzi. I started painting actively in 2009, first with oil paints and later with acrylic. I have developed my artistic skills through various courses and workshops here in Denmark and abroad. In 2018, I traveled to Moscow and participated in a workshop with a Russian artist O.Buiko, who is a skilled modern flower painter. Flower painting has my peculiar interest.

My creativity is mostly search for myself, a search for colors, composition, beauty and harmony. The colors in my paintings live their own special lives: they are happy, pure and polyphonic. The pictures are painted with soul, with such love for the beauty of nature, its colorful shades and powers, that it’s hard not to feel it close to the heart.

I never paint in a bad mood – only when I follow an impulse inside me, the spark, that can make the colors I work with vibrant and add an amazing, poetic moment of harmony and beauty. I prefer to work from my own home studio, even I’m a member of the local artistic group “Azurmalerne”. Since 2017, I have exhibited my paintings in Farum culture house, Denmark technical university – campus Roskilde, Dagmar theater in Copenhagen and others. Some of my paintings got a new home in private collections in Denmark, Italy, France and Russia.

I mainly paint landscapes, flowers and, once in a while, abstract. In my landscapes, I convey the subtle, nuanced moods of nature. I consider myself a coloristic painter. The paintings for me are not just “painted” pictures, but an emotional organism through which the world is perceived as wonderful, thoroughbred and natural. Therefore, my water lilies are alive, the water is deep and summery hot, and poppy fields call to run over it.

Best regards,

Maria Librizzi