In the period of 2010-2012 I was primarily occupied with getting a Bachelor degree in dental hygiene from the University of Copenhagen, so I had limited time to my artistic activities. Nevertheless, I’d created some paintings that are represented her.

Грязевые ванны Вулкано

Mud Bath on Volcano island (Eolie). Oil on canvas, 40×40. Private collection. Denmark

Закат на море

Sunset. Oil on canvas, 30×40. Private collection, Denmark.

Лавандовое поле

Lavender field. Oil on canvas, 30×40. Private collection, Denmark.

Натюрморт в красных тонах

Still life in red. Oil on canvas, 50×60. Private collection, Denmark.

Натюрморт на синем фоне

Still life. Oil on cardboard, 50×70.  Private collection, Denmark.

Белое на белом

White on white. Oil on canvas. 40×40. Private collection, Denmark.


Tanechka. Oil on canvas, 80×100. Does not exist anymore, unfortunately destroyed.


Troldhaugen, Norway. Oil on canvas, 60×80.  Private collection, Denmark.


Butterfly. Oil on canvas, 40×40.  Private collection, Russia.


Lea. Oil on canvas, 40×40.  Private collection, Denmark.



Dancing couple. Acrylic on canvas, 100×100. Private collection, Denmark

Мост через Оресунд

Bridge over Øresund. Oil on canvas, 80×100. Private collection, France

Ветряные мельницы пролива Оресунд

Windmills in Øresund. Oil on canvas, 40×60. Private collection, Russia.

Корзина с цитрусами

Lemons and oranges. Oil on cardboard, 70×100. Private collection, Denmark


Smell of Sicily. Acrylic on canvas, 30×30. Private collection, Denmark
All for bruscetta.                                              Still life with orange and apples.
                                                 Oil on canvas, 15×15.  Privat collection, Denmark