2017 was an incredibly produktiv year.  It started with a series of abstract paintings. I wanted to give it a try with acrylics. This period was followed by floral and landscapes pictures. I tried new oil and acrylic techniques. In the fall I attended the painting course where the composition, colors and a little bit of watercolors were the main subject. Later on I discovered some interesting way to create pictures with acrylics call pouring. It was an interesting experience but my heart is still belongs to oils.

Her you can see the pictures from different period of the the year, latest first.

Acrylic pictures with pouring technique:


Angel. Acrylic on canvas, 100×100



Mysterious galaxy. Acrylic on canvas og mix media, 106×54



Rainy autumn day. Acrylic on canvas,  50×50.



Memories of a coral reef. Acrylic on canvas, 80×80
Picture was represented on the exhibition “Local artist of Furesø”, august, 2017



A distant galaxy. Acrylic on canvas, 30×30.


Acrylic and watercolors from the course:


Still life with a jug. Acrylic on watercolor paper, 30×40.



Foggy morning. Watercolor on paper, 30×40



Foggy morning in the forest. Watercolor on paper, 30×40


Floral Period:

Стебелек мака. Акрил. 2017

Poppies. Acrylic on canvas, 60×80



Poppy field. Acrylic on canvas, 60×80


Маковое поле для Сильваны

Poppy field 2. Oil on canvas, 30×40. Privat collection, Italy



Peonies. Oil on canvas, 50×60.



Peonies in the glass vase. Oil on canvas, 90×90


Нежность. Фантазийные цветы в розовой вазе

Fantasy flowers. Oil on canvas, 60*80. Privat collection, Denmark


IMG_20170617_200752_resized_20170904_123525101Purity. Oil on canvas, 40*60. Private collection, Denmark


Landscape period:

IMG_20170622_194916_resized_20170904_123450183Spring in Japan. Oil on canvas, 60×80. Privat collection, Denmark
Water lilies. Oil on canvas, 70×70. Privat collection, Denmark


Пруд с кувшинками 1

Lake with water lilies. Oil on canvas, 30×40. Private collection, Russia


Пруд с кувшинками. Масло. 2017

Lake with water lilies. Oil on canvas, 30×40. Private collection, Italy


Рапсовое поле. Акрил. 2017

Sommer in Denmark. Acrylic on canvas, 60×80.



Summer day in Rørvig, Denmark. Oil on canvas, 60×80.
Picture was represented on the exhibition “Local artist of Furesø”, august, 2017


Abstrakt period:

The first picture was a combination of shapes, lines and primary colors.


“Abstraction 1”. Acrylic on canvas, 40×60


The second was inspired by the story about Fordit.

Абстракция 3. Фордит

“Abstraction 3”. Acrylic on canvas, 40×60


The third was deep and dynamic and combined only 3 colours.

Абстракция 2

“Abstraction 2”. Acrylic on canvas,  50×50


The fourth picture in the series was freestyle in blue.

Высоко в небо

“Up in the sky”. Acrylic on canvas, 40×50