About me


My name is Maria Librizzzi.

As long as I remember myself, I’ve always been creative, but never gave a thought of being a visual artist.

I have drawn and painted watercolors, designed clothes. But it has never been my primal occupation; I was a database developer in a large company. In Denmark I’ve got a bachelor degree in Dental hygiene and the last 5 years I’ve been working in some private dental clinics in the central area of Copenhagen and around.

In 2008 I opened a window to a wonderful world of colors: I have started painting with oil. My first painting was inspired by the trip to Paris. The little streets and alleys of Montmartre were so beautiful that one could not help getting inspired and create a painting. It was a success! The process itself gave me the feeling of freedom that no one could take away from me.

In the following years I have read a lot of books and like a sponge absorbed the knowledge about colors, composition, painting techniques and art history and, of course, never stopped to paint.

I’m the member of “Azurmalerne”.


In agreement: March 2020: Denmark’s Technical University, RISØ campus. Roskilde. Denmark

2019: 15/01/2019-31/03/2019 Dental clinic “Dentists on Bakkevej”. Ølstykke. Denmark

2019: 12/12/2018-29/01/2019 Dagmar cinema. Copenhagen. Denmark

2018 Summer exhibition. Farum Culture House. Denmark

2018 Permanent exhibition: Græsted dental clinic. Denmark

2017 Local artists of Farum. Farum Culture House. Denmark